Community Voices

“As a region, we need to explore new revenue generating ideas. The state is handing us that opportunity. The Sands have committed to deliver quality jobs, tax revenue, and a reason for young people to stay on Long Island. We must not miss this opportunity to deliver for our region.”

John Durso, President, Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO

“CCE is appreciative that Sands reached out early in the selection process to commit to a project that will minimize impacts to Long Island’s fragile environment. Sands sustainability practices include energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy, water conservation and eliminating unnecessary single use plastics and packaging waste. This type of corporate sustainability commitment is exactly what Long Island needs. CCE looks forward to working with Sands as a demonstration of a corporate partner with a strong commitment to protecting our island.”
Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director, Citizens Campaign for the Environment
“FCA understands and appreciates the ways in which key economic development projects elevate individuals, families, communities and our region as a whole. Sands came to us early in their planning process and has been exceptionally responsive to our ideas about community engagement and strategies for mitigating problem gambling and safeguarding Nassau’s young people. We look forward to working with Sands and other community stakeholders as this project advances.”
Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, President/CEO, Family and Children’s Association (FCA)
“Nassau County is home to a vibrant Latino community including many business owners and entrepreneurs. We are confident that Sands will ensure that our constituents are included in the proposal process – and that our small businesses will have full access to the opportunities that this project will create for the local and regional economy.”
Luis Vasquez, President of the Long Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
“Sands coming to Long Island would be a win-win for Long Island’s economy, as it would provide opportunities for minority, women-owned businesses, and veteran-owned businesses. It would also create jobs with livable wages. Long Island’s regional economy will benefit significantly from a project of this magnitude and scale.”
Phil Andrews, President, African American Chamber

“Nassau County Executive made public declarations to support Sands resort development being proposed at the site of the Nassau Hub. We have significant, cautious optimism that Sands leadership has been forthcoming and shown a willingness to be collaborative and understanding of our local community’s needs. This approach is embraced as GUAAC continues to update facts and community consensus positions among our residents. I, and other local leaders, stand ready to continue work that began during the pre-pandemic Nassau Hub development working group conversations. Collectively we work to ensure that any plans developing the Nassau Hub area are protective and beneficial to families in Uniondale, throughout the region, and are also protective of Uniondale assets including Uniondale’s landmark stakeholder status at the Nassau Hub.”

Jeannine Maynard, Co-Facilitator, GUAAC (Greater Uniondale Area Action Coalition)
“As a Nassau County resident of over 30 years, I strongly feel that the Uniondale Community is in need of innovative businesses and developments that will set up prime opportunities for small businesses within the community as well as the potential for long-term careers for our residents that keep our diverse young residents in the community. This equates to retaining economic growth within the community. The Sands project has the potential to do all of that and quite a bit more for communities beyond Uniondale. We look forward to working with their team and helping to create a project proposal that our community will be proud to stand behind.”
Sharna Jenkins, Business Owner, Theatre in Motion
“Our college’s academic programs are designed to address the demand for a skilled workforce. We educate students in a wide range of areas from culinary arts and hospitality management to theater and cybersecurity. NCC’s advantageous location within the center of Nassau County provides students with convenient access to internships and career opportunities right within our educational community. We look forward to learning more about Sands’ proposal for the hub.”
Dr. Maria Conzatti, Acting President, Nassau Community College
“Nassau County continues to rank as the safest county in America thanks to the outstanding efforts of Nassau County Police Officers. Our Officers hold no priority above public safety, and we are encouraged that Sands shares that commitment. We look forward to the continued dialogue with our residents and business community to ensure this county’s safety for the future. Our Officers are dedicated to the communities they serve, and the welfare of this County hinges on cooperation with all those who call Nassau County home.”
Tommy Shevlin, President, Nassau County PBA
“I believe the project can create a bright future for the Uniondale Community. Prioritizing the needs and identity of the community will be integral, which is why I look forward to working with Sands and ensuring that Uniondale is fully supported and there is transparency throughout.”
Olena Nicks, Board President, Uniondale Public Library
“Tourism on Long Island is a $6.3 billion annual industry and our summers attract visitors from across the globe, but our current hotel product is limited. The destination resort being proposed by Sands would add a world class property that would allow visitors to our region a year-round encompassing experience for lodging, entertainment, dining and meetings, while creating local hospitality jobs and generating tax revenues that benefit our residents. We’re excited about the opportunity.”
Kristen Reynolds, President & CEO, Discover Long Island
“Sands has demonstrated a genuine interest in helping small businesses and has committed to working with Long Island businesses. We look forward to continuing to work with Sands to make a positive difference in our community.”
Barbara Franco, Executive Director for Smithtown Chamber of Commerce
“Nassau and Suffolk counties will benefit from significant employment and contract opportunities particularly for minority communities, a pledge we have received from former Governor David Paterson, now a VP with the Sands Corporation, and someone we know and trust. Details matter, so we will remain engaged with the Sands team to ensure that they fulfill their pledge of Economic Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for our communities.”
Dr. Hazel N. Dukes, President, NAACP New York State Conference
“As a past co-chair of a Hub working group, I’m excited to once again work with key stakeholders and Sands to ensure the surrounding communities voice and vision are represented as the Sands bid proposal is developed. This is an incredible opportunity that Long Island cannot squander.”
Walter Skinner, Jr., Former President, East Meadow Chamber of Commerce
“As a school teacher, I understand how every dollar counts in the classroom. This project will bring needed tax revenue to our schools without adding additional burden to our educational system. Sands is pursuing this project with care and respect for our town, and is meeting actively with the local community to build a plan with the most meaningful impact.”
Adrian Berry, Teacher, Uniondale School District
“Sands’ commitment to reaching out to our communities, and specifically our Chambers of Commerce, at a grassroots level has been very promising. It was a pleasure working with them and co-hosting our Bi-county Forum to kick off introductions. With a potential project of this magnitude, there is massive opportunity but also particular implications that must be considered. Our priority is to keep our businesses informed and prepared for it all, to weigh benefits versus effects, especially in projects with the ability to transform our local economy and industry sectors across Long Island. We hope that others follow our lead in listening and learning as we progress toward making educated decisions for ourselves and our small businesses.”
Frank Camarano, President, Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce
“The Sands project has great potential to deliver for the Long Island Hispanic community through various opportunities for our small businesses, our students and our families. We hope to work closely with them to design a project that includes resources and programs that can help uplift and support the entire community.”
George Siberón, Executive Director, Hempstead Hispanic Civic Association
“I am impressed with the commitment that Sands has made to sustainability. Their intention to design a project that could set a new standard for green building on Long Island is both laudable and exciting. It really could be a showcase for what is possible. Their commitment to using local trades and professionals would deliver an end product that lives up to its promises.”
Sammy Chu, Chairman, Green Building Council, LI Chapter
“As founder and president of Minority Millennials, I am excited to work with Sands to prepare small businesses for the economic opportunities an integrated resort project will bring to Long Island. This project is a welcome source of vibrancy for our local community, with employment opportunities and economic benefits for young people and people of color. I am excited to work with Sands and make a positive impact.”
Dan Lloyd, Founder and President, Minority Millennials
“The integrated gaming resort project on Long Island is an incredible opportunity for local small businesses. It will create new jobs and bring in much-needed revenue for our local economy. I’m excited to have the chance to get involved and be part of this historic project.”
Amit Nath, Senior Vice President, BrandResumes
“An economic development project that has the potential to inject hundreds of millions of dollars into our region and create union jobs merits serious consideration, and we are eager to explore it further with community stakeholders.”
Matt Cohen, President, Long Island Association
“Urban League Long Island has had its finger on the pulse of Long Island since 1972 with a mission to enable African Americans and other disenfranchised people to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights. Workforce Development is an integral part of our mission and vision for economic and social equity on Long Island. This project will help to empower those in need of life skills and workforce training to obtain jobs that close income disparities in low to moderate-income communities.”
Theresa Sanders, President, Urban League of Long Island
“Growing up in Uniondale, I have witnessed so many people coming to our community and benefiting from the space and location that we provide. I’ve witnessed our community members being taken advantage of, with no benefits or improvements to our town. I’ve seen the lack of respect that businesses have for our community. Our community is open to new opportunities and welcomes the opportunity as long as Uniondale can benefit from utilizing our resources and location. Uniondale needs innovative development to provide opportunities for our small businesses, long-term careers for our current residents, and retain young, diverse talent. The Sands project has the potential to do all of that and more. I look forward to working with their team and helping to create a project proposal that our community will be proud to stand behind.”
Justin Brown, Former School Board Member, Uniondale Free School District
“Attracting businesses to the Long Island region with the focus on high wage positions is an economic imperative. We look forward to the Sands organization becoming a regional philanthropic partner to help meet the growing demand for services across Long Island.”
Theresa Regnante, President and Chief Executive Officer, United Way of Long Island
“It’s vital Long Island garner a share of the winnings when downstate gaming becomes a reality. New York State’s three downstate licenses will generate billions of dollars in new revenue for the state. An entertainment and full gaming venue on Long Island would generate thousands of post-construction permanent union jobs, not to mention the thousands of union construction jobs that stem from a multi-billion dollar construction project. It would be significant for the future of our region, and has the potential to transform our economy.”
Ryan Stanton, Executive Director, Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
“We applaud Sands for their outreach to local businesses and we look forward to learning more on the small business opportunities with Long Island as their destination. We are happy so many national businesses are looking at Long Island as a place to grow, and we look forward to joining the conversation and learning more about the potential community benefits.”
Robert Fonti and Gina Coletti, Co-Chairs, Suffolk County Alliance of Chambers
“Sands’ resort proposal would be a great investment for our local economy. The construction industry stands to benefit from the increased demand for our services, and it would be a great opportunity for our region to bring in new tax dollars from outside sources.”
Marc Herbst, Executive Director, Long Island Contractors’ Association, Inc.
“I am excited by the economic opportunities Sands integrated resort could provide for small businesses on Long Island. This project has the potential to bring in new customers and create job opportunities, which could in turn bolster the local economy.”
Angel Morales, Business Owner
“It’s very encouraging to see the Sands welcome our community’s input in this important project. The residents of East Meadow look forward to working with Sands to ensure that it includes new open and outdoor green spaces that our children and families can access and enjoy.”
Joe Parisi, President, Council of East Meadow Community Organizations (CEMCO)
“I’m looking forward to continuing to learn more about Sands’ plan for an integrated resort development project in Uniondale, Long Island. I look forward to continuing to sit with Sands and I am hopeful that this project and a fresh wave of new jobs and entertainment could bring new life to our community. It’s a great feeling that the proposal Sands is working on would mean I won’t have to travel for exciting activities and nightlife.”
Jada Gillenwater, Community Advocate
“Sands’ integrated resort project on Long Island has the potential to open up many job opportunities for Spanish-speakers and English Language Learners. This project could not only provide employment, training, and hospitality jobs, and is an important step towards a more inclusive and vibrant Long Island.”
Cindy Moreno, Community Advocate
“This project will bring hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue and create thousands of strong union jobs. I’m excited to work with Sands to win this competition and make this a reality for Long Island.”
Jerry Laricchiuta, President, CSEA Long Island Region One
“My civic activism has focused on delivering services and benefits to the East Meadow community. The Sands has welcomed our input and ideas in their vision for their project at the Hub. I’ve been very encouraged to see that the Sands understands their responsibilities to our community and I look forward to working with them.”
Helen Meittinis, President, Community Association of Stewart Ave (CASA)
“Sands’ integrated resort project offers an amazing opportunity to create jobs, spur economic growth, and bring in tourists from all over the world. This project stands to offer so much for our community, from providing jobs to improving local infrastructure.”
Sam Dickerson, CEO, Better You Better Society
“This is a significant and multi-phase development effort that promises inclusion from its inception, from pre-development through development and construction and then into staffing, operations and support. We will work with Sands to ensure that all local communities in Nassau and Suffolk County have every opportunity to be aware of and participate in this promising project.”
Garry Johnson, State Conference Economic Development Chair, NAACP New York
“I believe this new project could be an amazing opportunity from an economic and environmental standpoint. Sands has emerged a global leader in sustainability, and I’m confident that if handled correctly, this could be an incredible opportunity.”
Carlos Rivera-Morales, Business Owner, Elle’s Auction House LLC
“I’m inspired by Sands’ commitment to working with the community and their willingness to invest in our area to provide more entertainment and nightlife options for young professionals. This project is an exciting opportunity to attract and retain young and diverse talent in Long Island.”
Hakeem Edwards, Community Advocate
“To have a corporation like Las Vegas Sands Corps reach out to small businesses like mine at the beginning stages of this process is very different from what our community is accustomed to. They are bringing small businesses to the table and making sure that this opportunity is equitable. I look forward to the incredible opportunities that will come out of this project.”
Marvin Hanks, Business Owner, Mineral Pushers
“The East Meadow Chamber of Commerce has been advised that Sands is seeking a license from NYS to develop property located in Nassau County. We look forward to Sands continuing to reach out to the East Meadow Chamber of Commerce in order to provide further details for their proposed project.”
James P. Skinner, President & Richard Krug Jr., Chairman of the Board, East Meadow Chamber of Commerce
“Sands’ dedication to helping small businesses is a tremendous asset to our Chamber. We are excited to be part of this movement and excited to work together.”
Misolino Silva, President, Peruvian Chamber of Commerce
“The Sands integrated resort project represents a truly unprecedented opportunity for our members and the region. Long Island’s Building and Construction Trades Council represents 65,000 members of labor’s skilled workforce. With billions of dollars invested in our communities, this project will put more than 10,000 tradeswomen and tradesmen to work and expand career opportunities through various apprenticeship programs for all Long Islanders. I look forward to working with Sands to create this transformational development.”
Matty Aracich, President, Building and Construction Trades Council of Nassau & Suffolk Counties (NSBCTC)
“Small business owners represent an important part of the local and regional economy. We are proud to be working with Sands and to be part of the effort to bring renewed prosperity to Long Island. The innovative initiatives that Sands has put forward are impressive, and we are confident that they will have a positive impact on our local businesses.”
David Kennedy, Executive Director, Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce
”Sands has made a commitment to working with local and small businesses, welcoming us to the table to truly hear our thoughts and ideas. This is very different from my experience with other large corporations and shows me that Sands will not only be great community partners but also great business partners for local small businesses.”
William Urrutia, Business Owner, Urrita Heating and AC Inc.
“Sands’ commitment to working with small businesses is a welcome sign for our chamber and the small business community. We look forward to partnering with them and helping to create a more vibrant and prosperous Long Island.”
Tony Tanzi, President, The Kings Park Chamber of Commerce
“The Uniondale community has raised a lot of hometown heroes that need an opportunity to see their talents blossom. We are in need of a development plan that can have positive long lasting effects. I believe the Las Vegas Sands project could rejuvenate our community into a mini utopia, creating generations of success.”
Godwin Bortley, Business Owner, Kid Bully