Near Unanimous Support for the Sands Lease Transfer at the Nassau County Legislature

Earlier this week, the Nassau County Legislature voted 17-1 in favor the the lease transfer of the Nassau Hub property to Las Vegas Sands. Robert G. Goldstein, Sands chairman and chief executive officer said:

“The approval granted today by the Nassau County legislature is an important step in our company’s efforts to secure a New York gaming license and ultimately develop a world-class hospitality, entertainment and gaming destination.

“We thank County Executive Blakeman for his vision, leadership, dedication, and commitment to Nassau County residents and taxpayers. We appreciate and are greatly honored by the near-unanimous support that the lease transfer received today from the Nassau County legislature.

“We have held over 300 community meetings and are proud of the widespread coalition we have built with our new neighbors across Long Island. We are grateful for the trust they have placed in us and look forward to continuing to collaborate with the community.”

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