Minority Millennials Host Over 1200 Youth at Nassau Coliseum for 2nd Annual “We Are the Future” Summit Powered by Sands NY to Empower the Next Generation of Change-makers

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Minority Millennials, a nonprofit civic and youth development organization, hosted its 2nd annual “We Are the Future Summit,” on Friday, May 31, 2024, from 9 AM to 1 PM at Nassau Coliseum. Powered by Sands NY, the summit featured an enriching lineup of groundbreaking sessions, keynote presentations from thought leaders, elected officials, and influencers. Additionally, the event showcased live performances by the 80 member Uniondale Marching Band & Steppers, Uniondale Jazz Band and Hempstead High School graduate Rising HipHop Star Chow Lee, adding a dynamic cultural element to inspire and engage attendees.

As the title sponsor, Sands NY is integral to the summit, supporting a new initiative to create a diverse local talent pipeline through pre-apprenticeships and procurement opportunities connected to their proposal for a multi-billion-dollar integrated resort at the Nassau Hub. This collaboration will enable Minority Millennials to further their mission of empowering young people of color with access to jobs, wealth building, and enhanced civic engagement.

Ron Reese, Senior Vice President of Global Communications and Corporate Affairs at Las Vegas Sands, added, “This partnership exemplifies our commitment to not only develop a world-class entertainment and hospitality facility but also to invest in the local workforce and community. We are excited to see how this summit will open doors for many young professionals across Long Island.”

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Dan Lloyd, Founder and President of Minority Millennials, highlighted the summit’s comprehensive approach: “We are thrilled to bring together an eclectic mix of culture, policy, and professional development at this year’s summit. Alongside the inspiring talks and sessions, we will host a vibrant array of performances that reflect the cultural richness of our community.”

Haugland Group and Vineyard Offshore led as Workforce Development and Clean Energy Sponsors, that helped to feature an extensive career fair, providing attendees the chance to connect with leading companies and organizations from emerging industries such as offshore wind, construction, manufacturing, and more. The career fair will include opportunities for on-the-spot job applications, interviews, and networking, helping to bridge the gap between Long Island’s youth and local economic opportunities

Although entrepreneurship is popular with a lot of young people, Billy Haugland II said not to count out trade careers such as construction and touted the benefits of a union job. He’s CEO of Haugland Group in Melville, an infrastructure services holding company.

“The wages are typically 20- to-50 percent more than a job that’s not unionized, and there’s health care, retirement benefits. …” Haugland said. “It can give you the stability to let your entrepreneurial passions rise.”

“Clean energy not only preserves our environment for future generations, but it holds immense potential for sustainable and equitable career paths for youth and people early in their careers,” said Andrea Bonilla, Senior Manager of External Affairs at Vineyard Offshore. “We are proud to partner with Minority Millennials to help make this clean energy future a reality.”

For additional information about the Minority Millennials please visit: https://minoritymillennials.org

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