Sands New York and Minority Millennials partner to host NextGen Supplier Diversity Gathering 

The NextGen Supplier Diversity gathering, a collaborative effort between Minority Millennials and Sands NY, held at the Barclays Center, was a pivotal event aimed at fostering local supplier diversity and entrepreneurship. The initiative focused on strengthening the local supply chain by providing opportunities for MWBEs, SDVOBs, and the next generation of entrepreneurs within the community. This gathering served as a platform for local suppliers and entrepreneurs to connect, share insights, and explore potential partnerships, aligning with the goal of promoting economic growth and diversity in the region. Through this partnership, Minority Millennials and Sands NY are committed to enhancing local business opportunities and supporting the professional development of young, diverse talent in the area, reinforcing their dedication to building a vibrant, inclusive local economy.

Group photo from the NextGen Supplier Diversity Gathering at the Barclays Center.